Mechanical Work:
Applying a force over a distance, AKA moving something.
The magnitude of work is:
Work = force * distance

Unit of Work:
1 J = 1 N*m

Conservation of Energy:
Energy cannot be destroyed or created

The ability to do work
Generate heat 🙁

Mechanical Energy:
The energy is due to the motion of an object.

A portion of the universe we care about
All forces in the system are INTERNAL

Conservative Forces:
Conserve means conserve MECHANICAL energy.
Forces where the path of the object doesn’t matter, just the beginning and the end.

Rate of change of energy, AKA how much energy is being put INTO a system over time.

Watt (W) = J/s

Good conversions to know:
P = E/t
E = P*t
E/t = P