The study of waves, emission, and absorption.

Speed of Light:
c = 2.998e8 m/s

Speed of Sound:
343.06 m/s

The electromagnetic field:
Particles are being moved very fast, either radio, x-rays, light waves, etc.
AKA carries energy.

c = Speed of Light
Lambda = Wavelength
v = Frequency

Wavelength (lambda):
The peak to peak distance in nanometers
The lower the wavelength the more energy, AKA gamma-rays rock (HULK)

Height over the center line

Intensity (brightness):

How many cycles in a second, like how long it is
In Hz

  • The higher Hz, the shorter wavelength
  • The lower Hz, the longer wavelength

The higher the frequency the higher the Energy.

When an electric current passes through a gas, the gas emits light, as exited electrons are separated with the atom, and then they recombine and emit a photon.

Spectral Lines:
Specific lights that are emitted or absorbed by an atom/molecule.

Visible Region of light from a Hydrogen Atom:
R (Rydberg’s Constant): 3.29e15 Hz

Balmer Series:
Consists of the visible light region
N1 = 2

Lyman Series:
Consists of UV light region
N1 = 1