Uniform Circular Motion:
Motion that happens on a circular path, but with a CONSTANT speed.

ds = Arc Length AKA linear distance traveled
r = Radius

2pi radians OR 360 degrees

The kinematic equations work where:
x = theta
v = angular velocity
a = angular acceleration (constant)

Angular Velocity:
The rate of change of the angle.
Unit is radians per second.

Linear Velocity:
How much the object/disk is being moved forward.

Centripetal Acceleration:
The magnitude of velocity doesn’t change, BUT the direction does, which means there is always some form of acceleration.
This means that the acceleration happens inward of the disk.

Centripetal Force:
This can simply be found by multiplying the mass of the object with its centripetal acceleration.

Angular Acceleration:
The change in angular velocity.

Linear Acceleration:
How much the forward motion of the object/disk is being changed.