There are 3 distinctive sides in a right triangle:
Note that the Opposite and Adjacent side is in the perspective of the chosen angle

For Csc(A), Sec(A) and Cot(A), it is just there respective reciprocals value

The Pythagorean Theorem:

The Unit Circle (A circle with radius=1):


Sin(v) = y-values
Cos(v) = x-values
Tan(v) = where the line touches the x=1 tangent to the unit circle

360 :

Reflection Values:
Because the unit circle is symmetrical, some values will be the same, but just with a different sign(s) AKA “-” OR “+”

Sinus, Cosines and Tangents values and signs: 

This will show you how what sign is in front of each value AKA Positive or Negative:

More Triangle facts:
Q1: 90 degrees
Q2: 180 degrees
Q3: 270 degrees
Q4: 360 degrees

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