Thomas G

About Me

I formerly lived in Denmark in the Capital Area, for about 17 years, and after that, I moved to California to study Biotechnology.


I went to a normal Folk School where I studied Math, Science, App Development, etc., and I was also a part of Math Masterclass, a program that allowed me to learn High School and University level Math at a Danish High School.

After Folk School, I went to Gymnasium (High School in Denmark), where I studied Math, Biotechnology, and Physics, and became a part of the school’s talent program: NAGademy gave me the chance to participate in the ESA’s Astro Pi – Mission Space Lab Program.

After the first 1,5 years at Gymnasium, my family and I moved to California, where I enrolled in an American High School where I study Biotechnology through my school’s Biotechnology Institute (BTI) and Computer Science through Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science Academy.

Machine Learning Program

This is my first Machine Learning Program, I use Anaconda and Spyder, as the Sci-Kit Learn Module is automatically installed.

I am using the DecisionTreeClassifier().

The Program is designed to tell the difference between oranges and apples, it requires input from the console, this input is the weight of the fruit in grams and the texture of the fruit.

Carnegie Mellon University

These are the projects I’ve done as a part of the Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science Academy

All of these projects won’t work in a normal Python IDE, like IDLE, PyCharm or Spyder.

The code is fairly simple, but the programs are overall pretty cool visual programs in my opinion