There are 4 laws of Thermodynamics, to do with heat, radiation, etc.

The zeroth Law:
Heat equilibrium objects transfer/share heat over time

The First Law:
Energy CANNOT be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another.
In thermodynamics, heat is produced when something happens.

  • Something bangs into something else
  • Running where friction in the ground will also produce heat

Heat capacity:

M: mass
C: the capacity of the material
T: Temperature change

The Second Law:
No SPONTANEOUS transfer of heat from cold to hot
The probability of molecules transferring energy to each other and creating small pods of cold regions are so astronomically low that it will NEVER happen.
Entropy/disorder in the universe is always increasing and eventually, it might happen, but for now, it WON’T.

The Third Law:
Absolute zero exists, but nothing will ever be that cold ever

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