The Mitochondria have two membranes, an out membrane, and an inner membrane.

Respiration is done in the Mitochondria.
It has an outer membrane protecting it, and then the inner membrane (Cristae), which is highly folded.

Matrix: Has ribosomes and DNA (Circular)
As they divided themselves, NOT with help of a cell
Has a lot of proteins and stuff
The mitochondrial DNA is found here, and it is in loops / plasmids
They are ATP factories.

Mitochondria are more in certain cells:
There are more mitochondria in muscle cells than normal cells.

Mitochondria’s history (Endosymbiosis):
They were the first bacteria that were eaten by the cell, and now they are a part of it.
You inherit your mitochondria from your MOTHER.

There are small holes in the mitochondria, that allow for sugars or ions passively.

Crista / Cristae:
Folds in the inner membrane, for more surface area, so it can make more ATP.

The chloroplast:
Where photosynthesis happens/the contain chlorophyll.

Aquaporin: lets the H2O into the chloroplast.

The liquid in the organelle, where the reactants are before they are used

Uses energy, energy comes IN. (Photosynthesis)

Creates energy, energy comes out. (Respiration)