Lysosomes have a very low pH and a ton of enzymes to break down certain molecules and structures in the cell

Lysosomes contain certain enzymes:
Hydrolytic enzymes for hydrolysis in low pH, which destroys things like lipids, waste, etc.

The lysosomes reuse and split apart certain structures:
Macromolecules like lipids.
Defective organelles.
Programmed Cell death (apoptosis), eats everything in the cell.
Some of the material is coming from the Golgi Body.

The lysosome byproducts:
After the things have been destroyed, some of the organic materials can be sent out to other parts of the cell, even the mitochondria can use the materials for energy.

Phagocytosis (Inside macrophages in the immune system):
Lysosomes can also work with the immune system to destroy pathogens, by being inside macrophages.

Peroxisomes Structure:
It is a big membrane-bound ball that destroys things, but it is NOT a part of the endomembrane system, which means it DOES NOT receive ANY vesicles from the Golgi Body.

Peroxisomes Function:
Unlike Lysosomes, it is Oxidation that happens in the core with enzymes, and they produce Hydrogen Peroxide as a byproduct.

Peroxisomes use in the body:
They break down fatty acids and amino acids, as well as foreign molecules.
Most importantly they detoxify alcohol in the liver.

Membrane-bound sack of water and macromolecules.
Some of which can be waste that needs to be disposed of.

Turgor Pressure:
The vacuole is giving the cell plant structure and makes it stand upright.
The more water the better, and best when the vacuole is pressing up against the cell wall.

Inside your cell there are many structures, helping hold your cell together.
The organelles DON’T just float around in the cytosol, they are held by a skeleton

They can change length, they can quickly be produced or destroyed

Diameter: 6-7 nm
Lengths can be dynamically changed
Made out of Actin

Are found in rope-like structures

Helps move the Actin by stretching and contracting, they are also very useful in muscles

Diameter: 25 nm
Also dynamic