Chemical Bond:
The energy is lower when they are together than when they are alone

A substance made of TWO different OR same elements

A substance made of TWO different or more elements

Binary compounds: Just have two elements

Organic compounds: USUALLY contains carbon and hydrogen

Inorganic compounds: USUALLY contains only metals

Chemical/Molecular Formula:
Just the normal H2O kinda formulas

Structural Formula:
Atoms linked together with lines and stuff. (line structure)

Ball and Stick Model:
Like the balls and sticks of bonds and atoms from high school.

Bond Strength AKA Dissociation Energy (D):
The energy required to separate two bonded atoms.
As the bond order increases, so do the dissociation energy, so a double bond is stronger than a single bond.

Bond Length:
The length of the bond, and the shorter they are, the stronger.
This means that the larger radius of the atoms involved the weaker.

Covalent Radius:
How much a specific atom contributes to a covalent bond, so Br is going to contribute more than H.