Whether you like math or not, you’ll undoubtedly encounter it and use it.
There are many different topics covered in math and each topic and sub-topics.
I have included notes on Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Complex Numbers, and more.
Below is the list of Math notes, with their sub-topics:

Cramming For a Calculus Test:

I have compiled a couple of PDF files with key concepts to remember when going into a Calculus Test.
They can all be found in the Google Drive Folder below:


Very Useful Math Website:

During your time in math class, you will inevitably get a problem you don’t understand.
Below this I have shared all the websites that actually work and can help you understand problems better:

  • Desmos – A great grapher with polar capabilities.
  • Mathway – A good calculator that can do MANY basic calculations and find things like holes, domians, etc.
  • Polar/Rect Calc – It can help you convert nasty polar equations into rectangular notation.
  • Desmos Polar Coordinate Plotter – This is the only website that I can find that can plot polar coordinates, which is very helpful.
  • Exponential Notation Converter – It can convert a normal a + bi complex number into exponential notation and show how to do it.
  • Roots of complex number – It calculates the long process of finding all the roots, including complex ones.
  • De Moivre’s theorem Calculator – The name says it all
  • Partial Fraction Calculator – Very useful when you need to compute massive rational functions with derivatives and integrals, ALSO show you how to do it.
  • Integral Calculator – This Integral calculator is special, as it can also do hyberbolic functions and perform calculations with cosine and sine in their complex forms.
  • Decimal to Fraction Calculator – This is a little less useful, but its very good compared to the 1 billion other websites, it calculates fractions differently and can turn weird looking decimals into real fractions, which is helpful for series.