Everyone wants more disposable income, but most people quite simply do not have the time required. They could already be working a full-time job or they could be a student.
Cryptocurrencies have been the craze of the internet for a couple of years now, especially coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.
Because of this fame, many companies have thrown their hat in the ring to create exciting products using cryptocurrencies.
One of those companies is Cudominer, which has made an easy-to-use GUI application for mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also more exotic high-risk coins.
In this guide, I will show you how to passively earn money from your computer, and it doesn’t even need a Graphics card.

Step 1 (Getting ready):

The first and most important thing you need is a computer and an internet connection.
The computer will need internet, as it receives blocks or at least parts of blocks from the Cudominer server.
Your GPU is best at handling blocks, and will therefore earn thousandfolds of more money, than pure CPU mining.
CPU mining is possible and can be profitable, but I would go to an online CPU mining website, to see if your CPU is good enough, for it to be worth it.
The below picture is my Frankenstein 2009 Mac Mini, which has been optimized for better airflow, and therefore mining potential.

Step 2 (Installing CudoMiner):

CudoMiner is available for Windows 10, Ubuntu (Linux), macOS, and two other more complicated Operating Systems, that you don’t need to worry about :).
Simply go to this website:
https://www.cudominer.com/?a=Y5GRfQyKZ (This link will give you a free 0.00005 bitcoin to start off with).

Press the big “Sign Up and Download” button and follow the account-making process, either by using your Google account, Microsoft account, or email.
When you have created your account, you can now add your computer to the device list, and yes you can have multiple computers working together.
This is what you will see, and you simply need to press the “Set Up a Device” button.

You just need to follow the installation process, by choosing Operating System first and then downloading the installer.
Choose “Desktop App” Type, as the “Headless” type is made for big mining operations, e.i. not you.
Then press next, and either choose the “stable” or “experimental” channel, but I would recommend the stable channel as if something goes wrong more people will be able to help you.
Then hit install, and choose where it goes.

Step 3 (1, 2, mine, GO!):

The first thing you will see when CudoMiner launches is the login page, and you simply need to type in your username, as it says.

When you have logged in, your computer will start automatically with mining, but you should quickly press the white “Disable” button, so you can change some settings first.
Go into the “Settings” page on the left side of the program and make them look like this:

The settings shown above will give you the highest earning potential, as third-party miners are usually better than the default CudoMiner miner, and the “Enable overclocking” setting, won’t overclock your PC, but rather if your PC is already overclocked it will actually use the PCs higher clocks.

Step 4 (Yep, it’s mining time):

Now go to the Dashboard and you can start mining. Congratulations.
Simply press the orange “ENABLE” button and then the program will optimize what miner it uses and what version it uses, etc. to get the highest amount of cryptocurrency mined possible.
This process can take minutes to hours, and it really just depends on your PC and your network too.
I would always recommend starting the process in the morning or early afternoon just to make sure that it’s done before you go to bed.

Bonus Step (Use cases and personal experience):

I have been interested in cryptocurrencies since middle school, but nothing serious.
It was first when I found an old 2009 Mac Mini that I thought to myself if I could turn it into a bitcoin miner.
the old Mac Mini has been running for almost 1.5 years now, and it hasn’t had an issue yet, other than the occasional updating of the operating system.
I have also downloaded it to my personal computer and asked my friends to join my organization.
There is a minimum withdrawal amount, but about a month of mining alone you should get the appropriate amount, but if you are mining with multiple people, that can be cut down to a few days easily.

The way you manage your account and balance is through the CudoMiner website, where you simply just press the login button in the top right and then you can go to “Finances -> Accounts” to withdraw funds.

Also, CudoMiner has a discord server that houses two support channels if you ever need more support.