Certain guides are just hard to find, they can be niche or relatively common, either way.
And when you finally find them they are usually half-baked and you need another hour of Google searching to find the rest.
NOT HERE!, over time I have accumulated a bunch of fully baked guides.
They all stem from research and personal discoveries, and they have all been tested to work.
Gone are the days of spending 6 hours to find simple “how-to’s”.

You’re welcome.

How to turn any PC or Mac into a bitcoin / cryptocurrency miner

If you already have a computer or a version of Mac you can likely earn a buck on the side. Cryptocurrency mining is not a new thing, but it has never been easier to get into. This guide will show you the quickest and easiest way to earn passive money by crypto mining.

How to use your phone as a webcam

Having a dedicated separate webcam is a luxury.
School, work, hobbies, etc. are all moving or partially moving online, and having a camera helps immensely with the “lost” human connection.
If you have an old iPhone or Android, you can use that as a webcam and connect it to your computer for free.

University of California (UC) Application Guide

If you live in California or in the U.S. in general you have likely heard of the University of California system, and if you are in high school you might even be considering applying. For those interested this guide could help you get that extra boost needed to get to the top.

The 1 day SAT study guide

Almost every high school student will have to take the SAT if they want to go to college. There are plenty of SAT guides out there, but they are usually all the same and provide nothing new to think about. As a former high school student who has taken the PSAT and SAT I know how it works and what students need to know. Let me help.

Mini Guides Feed

Some guides aren’t long enough for their own page, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.
On this site, I have compiled a list of short easy guides, that you might not know that you need.

Full Extra PC Performance Guide

PC performance is the most important thing for many users.
Squeezing every possible FPS out of your PC is a game in itself, but it can be very hard to navigate.
This guide will show you the best ways to increase PC Performance on Windows 10.

Virtual Reality Performance Guide for Oculus and SteamVR

PC performance is even more crucial in Virtual Reality than in traditional flat-screen games, as serious lag or frame drops can cause motion sickness.
So I have compiled five easy steps to improve VR performance, which will both decrease the likelihood of motion sickness but will also increase immersion.