This place is for “Coding How To’s” and they are for everyone who wants or needs to implement a system or feature into an existing program, or is just looking around for ideas for a project.
All Coding How To’s are build-up for a task as an example but can be quickly disassembled and restructured into something else.
We will continue to add more coding tutorials to this page, and we hope you will come back for more.
Furthermore, every Coding How-To is available in this single GitHub Repository (Linked Here).
However individual links are also provided below for easy navigation.

How to Web Scrape the Internet with Python

This Coding How-To shows you how to simply scrape data from the internet with the Beautiful Soup module written in the language Python. The program uses the Request module and bs4 from the Beautiful Soup module to get the page data and find the specific component that you are looking for. This program uses the FTSE 100 Index and prints the value, but it can quickly be changed into a variable for something else like for loop parsing. The URL and the attributes can be easily changed to suit your program, and if anything is confusing the Beautiful Soup Documentation is your friend.

How to create a Rock Paper Scissors Python Program

This Coding How-To is a short and simple version of a Rock Paper Scissors program written in the language Python. The program uses the Random module and if statements to determine the outcome, and it uses an input statement for player interaction.

How to set up a Python Virtual Environment (venv)

When most people try Python for the first time they don’t think about the way they are downloading it.
They likely figured that the Python website would tell them how to download python properly, but it doesn’t.
This guide might not be for the person who just picked up Python using the default libraries, but anyone that works with Python in projects should consider reading this guide.