Samfundsfag er ikke rigtigt et “videnskabsfag”, men alle skal tage det i STX og det bygger […]
Enzyme Assays are a laboratory method to show and measure enzyme activity.It is very important to […]
Protein detection is a very important for both medicine production and certain clinical diagnosis applications.One way […]
Psychology isn’t exactly a “Hard science”, but I still think it’s important to know the basics […]
Agriculture is a trillion-dollar industry and employs about a billion people.To produce enough food for a […]
Sodium Alginate Beads have many applications but are usually found in biomedical devices.They are biocompatible and […]
During experiments, ecosystem maintenance, process regulation, etc. knowing the pH level of the environment is crucial. […]
Why? One day when I was done showering and I was cleaning the little grate/filter of […]
Carbon Dioxide is a hot topic at the moment and has been for some time now. […]
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a very important lab test that can be used to detect […]