Quanta:Planck’s idea that energy exchange and radiation happens in packets of energy.Planck said that the photoelectric […]
Spectroscopy:The study of waves, emission, and absorption. Speed of Light:c = 2.998e8 m/s Speed of Sound:343.06 […]
Torque:The rotational/circular version of force.Describes the point and angle that a force is applied, like opening […]
Uniform Circular Motion:Motion that happens on a circular path, but with a CONSTANT speed. ds = […]
Momentum = Quantity of Motion Linear Momentum:It is translational motion, as there is no rotationIt is […]
Total Energy:An object’s kinetic and potential energy added to each other AKA E = Ekin + […]
Mechanical Work:Applying a force over a distance, AKA moving something.The magnitude of work is:Work = force […]
Hooke’s Law:Force due to a stretched or compressed spring.A spring uses a proportional amount of force […]
Law 1 (Law of Inertia):An object will maintain its velocity AKA it will probably continue to […]
A Vector:“i” is the horizontal component“j” is the vertical component Magnitude, Angle, and Component Equations: Negative […]