A Vector:“i” is the horizontal component“j” is the vertical component Magnitude, Angle, and Component Equations: Negative […]
Sequence: An ordered list of numbersFinite: Domain: 1, 2, 3…n ends Ex. 2, 4, 6, 8Infinite: […]
Differential Equation:Any equation that can be taken the derivative of. An equation is the ANSWER.Ex. General […]
Simple Cross-Sectional Volumes:Simply integrate, where “f(x) – g(x)” is a side of a shape. Volumes of […]
Find the Area Between Curves:For this the values are ALWAYS positive, no matter if it goes […]
Riemann Sums:Rectangles and Trapezoids are used for the area under graphs (approximation).Used mostly with:Linear Functions and […]
Initial Value problems:When you are given a rate of change and you want to find a […]
Improper Integrals:Integrals with “infinity” as a limit OR the range of integration produce an impossible value […]
U-Substitution:This is kind of the opposite of the chain rule. How to do it: Integration By […]
Antiderivative (Indefinite Integral):The opposite of the derivative, so what function leads to the derivative.Actually, a “set” […]