Array: A list of elements of all of the same type.Arrays are IMMUTABLE, the size cannot […]
“Has a” relationship:Represents instance variables in a class. “Is a” relationship:One class is more specific than […]
Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language: Instance = Object of a class An object is a […]
Computer Science might be the most important field of study today, as it impacts our lives […]
One of the worst things with new software and operating systems is that support for older […]
Yeah this is something idk.
This place is for “Coding How To’s” and they are for everyone who wants or needs […]
Numpy Numpy is an important Python Library for many Python applications, especially in Data Science applications […]
Casting: Turning on data type into anotherSyntax:Just put the desired type in parentheses in front of […]
Import the scanner class from the java.util package:Import java.util.Scanner;Put this line in before anything else Another […]