Yeah this is something idk.
This place is for “Coding How To’s” and they are for everyone who wants or needs […]
Numpy Numpy is an important Python Library for many Python applications, especially in Data Science applications […]
Casting: Turning on data type into anotherSyntax:Just put the desired type in parentheses in front of […]
Import the scanner class from the java.util package:Import java.util.Scanner;Put this line in before anything else Another […]
Primitives: start with lower case References/classes: Start with upper caseEx. Strings Int: Integer Double: DecimalCan also […]
Print: System.out.print(“message”) There are two versions of Print:Println:Prints the message on a new line Print:Just prints […]
Programs are typically written in a special application called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Decomposition: The […]
Tuples Kinda like a list Syntax:variable_name = (‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’,) They cannot be changed They can […]
List: A list of multiple things, like variable but multiple things insideList = [x, y, z] […]