NOT all, but most Enzymes are ProteinsExample: Ribozyme (splits RNA to mRNA, but does not have […]
Carbohydrates structure:Comprised of linear chains of monomers, by covalent bonds. Small directional changes can DRASTICALLY CHANGE […]
Denature: folded wrongly, usually happens because of heat. Folding and shape: Protein folding and structure affect […]
Water is Polar: because Oxygen is more electronegative than Hydrogen. Emergent Properties: Because of cohesion, adhesion, […]
Electron Promotion:When an electron from a lower shell like an “s” orbital goes up into a […]
Internuclear Axis:A straight line that goes through the nuclei of two bonding atoms Sigma Bond:When atoms […]
The Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Model:The electrons repel each other in covalent bonds and […]
Center Atom in Structure:The atom with the highest ionization energy OR there is only ONE of […]
Precipitation:When a solvent and solute touch, the solute turns into powder of crystals. Soluble (in water):The […]
Covalent Bond: When two non-metals share electrons from their valence shell.Weaker than ionic bonds.Their melting/boiling points […]