Autotrophic: an organism that makes its OWN food, like a plant Heterotroph: an organism that has […]
Your environment selects the fittest organism for survival, which then passes it down Natural Selection:RANDOM PROCESS!!! […]
Operon:A group of genes that can switch on and off a gene. Inducible operon:An operon that […]
There are many ways that some of your genes can be changed, and there are 3 […]
DNA helicase:Disrupts the hydrogen bonding between the two strands of DNA and exposes the insides of […]
Genes:A small part of the DNA that codes for specific proteins, but can make multiple.Something that […]
MEIOSIS 1: (8 Million possibilities) Interphase:The cell is just living its life Prophase:The nucleus opens upThe […]
Mitosis:The cell nucleus divides AKA the genetic materialHappens for Somatic Cells AKA non-sex cells, just normal […]
The cell cycle: The process of cell divisionThe cell is always regulating itself to check progress, […]
Cells signal to each other to survive, even bacteria. Target Cell: The cell that is being […]