Carbohydrates structure:
Comprised of linear chains of monomers, by covalent bonds.

Small directional changes can DRASTICALLY CHANGE the function of the carbohydrate:
Starch can quickly be turned into cellulose and vice versa.

Polysaccharide structure:
They can be LINEAR or BRANCHED:
Branched: Used for energy storage.
Linear: Gives structure, created by hydrogen bonds.

Lipids are a lot of different things like:
Fats and Wax

NOT so soluble in water (A few are hydrophilic), but most are hydrophobic and nonpolar.
They just clump together.

They have a carbon with TWO hydrogens on it in a chain.

Some parts are hydrophobic and some are hydrophobic, they are in the middle basically.

Saturated: Has ZERO double bonds

Unsaturated: Has A LOT of double bonds

Trans fats: It is unsaturated fat, but with added hydrogen, which makes them very unhealthy.

The stuff the makes up membranes
Are a PERFECT example of an amphipathic molecule