Dietary supplements are very important for many people and a massive multi-billion dollar industry.
However, old-style pills of yesteryear are quickly going out of fashion, especially when it comes to children.
Dietary supplements in the form of gummies are the new standard and can be eaten like candy, which makes it easier for certain people to eat.
Making your own gummies might not be perfect, and it’s important to know what you are doing before you eat them.
I would still recommend store brand gummies and take this more as an educational experience to see how these day-to-day products are made.


This article will show you how to make gummies, with your choice of an active ingredient.
I will be using Agar-Agar Powder and water for the solidification of the gummy.
And I will be using beet powder for the active ingredient of Zinc and sugar for taste.

Background Info (Theory):

Agar-Agar Powder is a vegan alternative to gelatin and is also flavorless so it is perfect for gummies, which need their own taste to be appetizing or no taste at all.
When Agar-Agar Powder is boiled with water and then cooled down it solidifies in temperatures under 104 F (40 C).
Beet is a great source of zinc, iron, manganese, and various other minerals and vitamins.
Because of that, beet is a great candidate for a natural source of zinc, and its zinc contents can be preserved in beet powder, but other ways are also valid.

The Procedure:

Step 1 (Agar Dissolve):

The first step is to set everything ready, as when you get the agar boiling you want to add the ingredients as fast as possible.
So set your active ingredient and flavor additions ready close by.
Then you have to take a pot and put it on the stove, then you add 50mL of water and 1.2g of Agar-Agar Powder, which will give you about 6 gummies of gummy bear size, so scale up or down from that.
Then turn on the stove and bring the water and Agar-Agar solution to just below a light boil and get ready to add your other ingredients.

Step 2 (Active Ingredient and Flavors):

When the water and Agar-Agar solution is just below lightly boiling add the desired amount of active ingredient and flavor, for my gummies I added 1g of beet powder, and 0.5g of sugar.
After having added the ingredients, simply stir the solution until it is a homogeneous solution and there are no clumps or air bubbles.

Step 3 (Let it set):

When your solution is homogeneous and clear of any clumps or bubbles move the pot off the stove and pour the solution into your mold.
Remember to pour the solution slowly and evenly into the mold so that air bubbles don’t form.

After pouring, lightly shake/move the mold around so that the solution moves into all of the nooks and crannies.
Then let the mold sit for about an hour until it solidifies and I would recommend putting it in the fridge for extra texture on the outside.

Result and Conclusion:

After the hour of solidification, you should have a couple of nice-looking gummies, however, if they do not look like you would have wanted them to, I have some suggestions.
If the gummy itself isn’t as solid, then you should increase the amount of Agar-Agar Powder added. In my experience, 2g for 50mL still works pretty well and doesn’t make them too hard.
If your gummies are deformed, you probably didn’t stir enough to get rid of the bubbles when boiling the solution OR you didn’t shake the mold enough to get the solution into all the corners.
If you have done everything right, your gummies should look something like this:
(The gummy below is a real candy gummy bear)

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