Array: A list of elements of all of the same type.
Arrays are IMMUTABLE, the size cannot be changed and the type cannot be changed either.

Assign values:
Array[index] = x;

Array Length:
There are NO parentheses!!!

Can ONLY store objects, but that also includes Integer and Double “classes”.
You can add primitive types to an ArrayList, as it will automatically turn them into their Wrapper Classes.
ArrayLists can change their size and do other cool things that normal Arrays can’t do.

You need to import it:
Import java.util.ArrayList;

ArrayList<E> name = new ArrayList<E>();

Void Addition Method:
When an object is added at a specific index, the entire ArrayList to the right of the index shifts to the right to make space.

The Set Method return:
When you set a value using this method, you ALSO get a return value of what value was replaced.
DOESN’T shift.

The Remove Method:
When something is removed the ArrayList shifts to the left to condense itself.

2D Array: An array of arrays.

Length: Same syntax as a normal array and gives the number of arrays in the array .length

Add an extra []