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Innovation Hub:
Idea #1

Notes for Texas Instruments Calculators (TI-84 Plus CE and Silver Edition):
How to Put Notes on TI-84 Plus CE (By TI84CalcWiz)
Trigonometric Value Table AND Degrees to Radians Table
Complex Number and Polar Operations
Differential Calculus: Derivative Rules

STEM Help Discord:

If you want further discussion, information, and help you can join the STEM Help discord channel with this invite link.
If you don’t have a discord account yet, it is relatively simple:
1. Go to the Discord website and make an account (you don’t even have to download the application), you can easily use your preferred browser be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even TOR)
2. Then click the invite link and follow the directions on the screen
3. If you have any question simply ask in the #General Text Channel