School Notes is made for people who are eager to learn. The Archives is a database for notes encompassing STEM areas like Math and Biology, but also social sciences like Psychology and Political Science & Economics, entirely free for everyone browsing the internet.

School Notes has been developed from the beginning of high school and through college, and I understand the importance of simplicity and intuitiveness. I have therefore designed this section to be as easy to use as possible. If you need to find a term simply search for it in the search box, or find the general area and use the good ol’ “ctrl + f.”

School Notes are available for everyone and are divided into three sections. The first section is for notes written in English, the second section is for notes written in Danish, for my Scandinavian friends, and the third section is for TI-84 on-calculator notes.

English Notes:

Danish/Dansk Notes:
(Can possibly be translated but at your own discretion)

I expect most JavaLite visitors to be students like myself, and for most STEM students, where mathematics plays a big part. Therefore, I have provided calculator notes for students who have a TI-84 Plus CE (incl. the Silver Edition). This will help with homework, but also in the heat of the moment, like a midterm exam.

Notes for Texas Instruments Calculators (TI-84 Plus CE and Silver Edition):

How to Put Notes on TI-84 Plus CE (By TI84CalcWiz)

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