Originally a website for learning the programming language Java, JavaLite has now evolved into a place for every STEM-interested student worldwide or really anyone else who’s willing to learn.
The content on JavaLite is original and created solely by high school students.

Where’s all the content?

The Home Page houses articles, experiments, and research papers, all born from curiosity and interest.
The School Notes section is for learning materials in a variety of subjects including but not limited to chemistry, mathematics, and computer science.
The Projects section is for my bigger multiweek/month projects, that have had real impacts.

I hope you will enjoy all of the content, and I hope you will return to JavaLite, either for extra notes for school, to follow the progress on the projects page, or something completely different 🙂

JavaLite is headed in a small city south of San Fransisco in California.
Underneath I have shared some pictures of beautiful California.