JavaLite is a place for STEM-interested students or anyone else who wants to learn.
The content on JavaLite is original and created solely by high school students.
JavaLite is constantly expanding to include more people for content production to represent the different areas of STEM.

JavaLite is dedicated to making fun, cool, and exciting projects, experiments, and learning material for everyone interested in learning.
Experiments, articles, and research papers are all found on the home page. Experiments are born from curiosity and interest, and they follow the scientific method to a tee in our areas of study.
The Archives are for learning materials in a variety of subjects including but not limited to chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. The Archives include notes, examples, and illustrations to effectively convey and present information.

Following the team’s progress and discovering old projects is also possible through social media and the Projects page.
We expect that most users on this site will be upper secondary to post-secondary students like ourselves and we have included guides that include everything from the SATs to college application essays. These guides can be found on the Guides page and are like everything on JavaLite, constantly evolving, so check back for more.
We work in the small amount of free time we have, and we are trying to get as many quality articles, projects, guides, and learning material out there as possible and we appreciate every visitor from the World Wide Web.