Independence of perpendicular motions:
Two items dropped at the same time will hit the ground at the SAME time, even if one of the items was moved a little to the side in the drop, as the horizontal vector component doesn’t change the vertical one.
This means that the 1D kinematic equations still work, but for x and y independently, but time stays the same.

When something is 90 degrees off each other then they don’t change each other.

Projectile Motion:
If we throw something, then it will fall like a parabola (without air resistance)
Dense objects in moderate/low speed are pretty close to the w/o air resistance.
(high speed = 100 m/s, so it should be under that)

Trajectory: The path that the projectile goes through.

Time of Flight:
This is the time it takes for an object to be shot from somewhere and then land in the same vertical position/elevation.
Like a very small canon.

Max Height:

The horizontal distance traveled, and the elevation has to be the SAME.