Kinematics: How do things move?

Final position – Start position = how much you have moved
Straight Line

Total distance moved, even if that was back to your original position
Can be a wobbly line

Anything that has a magnitude(value) AND a direction

Just a magnitude(value)

Just the change in time like, it took 20 min from 9:00 AM to 9:20 AM

Motion Diagram (Dot plot):
Anything that shows motion in steps like a picture of how a basketball bounces
A picture that shows multiple locations of an object over EQUAL intervals of time

Gravity Acceleration:
9.80 m/s^2
In problems of FREE-FALL just use this number as the acceleration in the equations.
In free-fall gravity is the ONLY factor.

Speed and Velocity are the same on one point AKA when they are instantaneous.